Ирвинг рассказал, почему выбрал прозрачную маску, а не черную


  • Irving returned to action this evening to face the Brooklyn Nets and scored a game-high 25 points to help the Celtics to their 13th consecutive win.

    But his return also brought more intrigue due to protection mask on his face after suffering a facial fracture in the win over the Charlotte Hornets.

    Leading up to the game it was announced he would need to wear a mask in order to protect him from any further damage.

    And the news immediately drew fans back to the time he wore a black mask for the Cleveland Cavaliers back in 2012. 

    He promptly went on to score a career-high 41 points on 15-for-25 shooting as well as five rebounds and five assists.

    But this time he opted for a clear mask and the 25-year-old has revealed why he performed so well with the black one.

    “Some of the fans asked me whether I was going to wear the black mask,” Irving said.

    "The difference with the black mask is they’re not going to get the ball, because I couldn’t see.

    "I scored that many because I was just looking at the basket.

    "A lot of my peripheral vision in driving… I can only see what’s in front of me and that black mask just takes away the vision.

    "So I’m just like ’that’s the basket, that’s the best case scenario’.

    "That’s the whole black mask so I’m glad I get to wear a clear one.

    "Hopefully a few more weeks in the mask and then I’ll be out of it."

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    05.04.2018 Валерьян:
    Boston Celtics PG Kyrie Irving says he went back to using his mask after some improvements were made to it, allowing him to see better. ✓.

    13.03.2018 Агнесса:
    Разыгрывающий "Бостона" Кайри Ирвинг вышел на матч регулярного чемпионата НБА против "Бруклина" в защитной маске.

    03.04.2018 Ульяна:
    Разыгрывающий защитник «Бостон Селтикс» Кайри Ирвинг рассказал о минусах чёрной защитной маски. «Одноклубники и болельщики спрашивали меня.

    09.03.2018 laufreesen:
    Kyrie Irving To Wear Protective Mask After Suffering Facial Fracture.  Masked Kyrie is back. 6,675 Views 6 Comments.

    26.03.2018 Васса:
    Разыгрывающий «Бостона» Кайри Ирвинг вернулся в строй после небольшого  Так что, пусть партнёры скажут мне спасибо, что я не надел черную маску.

    11.03.2018 Харитон:
    Разыгрывающий «Бостон Селтикс» Кайри Ирвинг подчеркнул, что ему не нравится играть в защитной маске. Ирвинг получил травму на первой минуте предыдущего.