Меган Янг (Megan Young) — лучшие фото «Мисс Мира-2013»

  • Megan Young Is Cosmo's November Cover Girl!

  • Miss World 2013 - The 63rd Miss World hold on 28 September in Jakarta, Indonesia. Over 120 participants attend this event beauty where Xia Yu Wen China Miss World 2012 crowned her successor Megan Young from Philippinesat the end of the event. She ranks the first place - Top-15 Beautiful  Filipino Women.

    It was learned that the celebration of Miss World 2013 was suspended swimsuit parade for religious reasons and was replaced by a costume parade.
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    Megan Young - winner of Miss World 2013.

    Before the contest I presented my favorites of the Miss World 2013  and the second in my list took first place of this contest. Also ready to a new survey of the most beautiful contestants of the "Miss Universe 2013"  and you can find Miss World winners 2000-2013 here.

    19. Aleksandra Doknic (born 1994, Serbia) - Serbian model, the winner of the national contest "Miss Serbia World 2013." In 2012, at the "Miss Serbia," she finished second, and the titles of "Miss Photogenic" and "Miss Social Network."

    "Miss Serbia 2013"

    18. Ainur Toleuova (born. 4 February 1995, Kazakhstan) - winner of the nationalcontest "MissKazakhstan2011".

    "Miss Kazakhstan 2011"

    17. Marine Lorphelin(born 16 March 1993) is a French beauty pageant titleholder crowned Miss France 2013 on 8 December 2012.

    "Miss France 2013"

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    16. Аnnamaria Rakosi (born 1992, Debrecen, Hungary) - winner of the national contest "Miss World Hungary in 2013." About 12 years she has professionally engaged in aerobics.

    "Miss Hungary 2013"

    15. Ella Langford (born 1993) - student at the University of Auckland. The winner of the national contest "Miss New Zealand 2013."

    "Miss New Zealand 2013"

    14. Ruveyda Öksüz (born 24 May 1994) - Turkish model, the winner of the national contest "Miss Turkey 2013".

    "Miss Turkey 2013"

    13. Michiko Tanaka (born 1990) - winner of "Miss Japan 2013."

    "Miss Japan 2013"

    12. Elena Ibarbia (born 1994, San Sebastian, Spain) - model, the winner of the national contest "Miss Spain 2013".

    "Miss Spain 2013"

    11. Maja Cotič (born 1989) - winner of the national contest "Miss Slovenia 2013". Also won the award of "Miss Personality." She was chosen by a jury of 300 contestants.

    "Miss Slovenia 2013"

    10. Antigona Sejdiu (born 8 October 1994, Kosovo) - Kosovo model, the winner of the national contest "Miss World Kosovo in 2013."

    "Miss Kosovo 2013"

    9. Lucie Kovandova (born 6 November 1993) -Czech model and the winner of the national contest "Miss Czech Republic World 2013." She graduated from business college.

    "Miss Czech Republic 2013"

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    8. Melinder Bhullar (born 1992, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Малайзия) -student of faculty of psychology in Western Australia, also worked as a model. The winner of the national contest "Miss Malaysia 2013".

    "Miss Malaysia 2013"

    7. Yu Weiwei (born 1988) - chinese model, a second year student University of Fine Arts and Music. The winner of the national contest "Miss China 2013."

    "Miss China 2013"

    6. Navneet Dhillon (born  23 September 1992, India) is an Indian female model, winner of Pond's 50th edition of Femina Miss World India 2013 that was held in Mumbai on March 24, 2013.

    "Miss India 2013"

    5. Anna Zayachkivska (born 12 December, Ivano-Frankivsk region) is a Ukrainian model and artist who will be representing her country in the Miss World 2013 pageant.

    "Miss Ukraine 2013"

    4. Laritza Parraga (born on June 25, 1994) is a model & student studying Psychology and an Ecuadorian beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss World Ecuador 2013 and will represent Ecuador in the Miss World 2013 pageant.

    3. Ersela Kurti (born 1992, Tirana, Albania) - albanian model, she won the national contest "Miss World Albania 2012".

    "Miss Albania 2012"

    2. Megan Young (born February 27, 1990) is a Filipino American TV-host Actress, who is a member of ABS-CBN's Star Magic. Young is the current Miss World Philippines 2013 beauty queen titleholder. She won the title of Miss World Philippines 2013 on August 18, 2013 at Solaire Resort & Casino, Parañaque City, Philippines. She is the older sister of Lauren Young.

    "Miss World Philippines 2013"

    1. Sancler Frantz (Arroio do Tigre, April 9, 1991) is a Brazilian model, journalist and beauty queen.

    "Miss Brazil 2013"

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    Megan Young Is Cosmo's November Cover Girl!

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    04.03.2018 Зоя:
    23-летняя филиппинка Меган Янг / Megan Young стала победительницей международного конкурса красоты Мисс мира 2013.

    19.02.2018 Творимир:
    Впервые за всю историю конкурса красоты корону «Мисс мира-2013» вручили на острове Бали 23-летней филиппинке Меган Янг.

    08.02.2018 seagbocon:
    Ме́ган Янг (р. 27 февраля 1990, Алегзандрия, Виргиния, США) — победительница международного конкурса красоты Мисс Мира 2013. Меган Янг стала первой филиппинкой — победительницей Мисс мира.

    06.03.2018 Дарья:
    Megan Young. ↓ × Рейтинг.  Меган Янг родилась 27 февраля 1990 в Александрии, США в семье американца и филиппинки.

    10.03.2018 truscesjo:
    2. Меган Янг / Megan Young (род. 27 февраля 1990 г) - филиппино-американская телевизионная актриса, которая является членом ABS-CBN's Star Magic.

    02.04.2018 Януарий:
    Параметры Меган Фокс и её шикарный внешний вид заставляют нас, простых женщин с далеко неидеальными  Параметры Меган Фокс. Рост: 167 см.