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  • you: i’m not gonna bash you on your name because i actually like the fiesta’s. i find you very cute. you’re a really nice guy but you’re also really boring. we have nothing to talk about which kinda sucks. i just hate that you change your mind about girls so fast. like one day you like someone and the next day you like someone else. not that i ever liked you but it pisses me off. you seem like a huge player. time out dude, chill a little. you need to sort out your feelings and settle down with a one girl, otherwise, your new nickname will be a player. sorry but that’s the truth. and i also don’t like how you claim all the titles. like for example, you started rping dylan o’brien a few weeks ago and you actually stayed as dylan for a few days. but for those few days, you’ve made a new blog and i think your url was dylanorpopinions or something, doesn’t matter. but i know that you were nominating yourself for the title on award pages. no, you need to stop that. if you wanna claim a title, you need to deserve it. you need to rp as that person for a few years, like some people. oh and i also don’t get why you have like 5 opinion blogs. 2 is more than enough. i just saw the drama on your blog though, so i’ll have to comment a little bit on that as well. i know cyrielle and i know the way she types. she’s not you. well, at least i think she’s not you. but maybe you both should prove everyone that you’re not the same person. besides, we all know she posed before. it wouldn’t surprise me if she was posing as a guy.

    your blog: i like that you’re using skins, it’s original. i hate your theme, it’s very old. change it and add some colors. and pick a theme which has a bigger text font. but you’re an opinion blog so you’re cool.

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    AnnaSophia Robb From 12 to 23 Years Old - Through The Years!

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