Jonathan Saunders leaves Diane Von Furstenberg

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  • Jonathan saunders resigns from dvf

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    British designer and chief creative officer Jonathan Saunders has left Diane Von Furstenberg.

    The holidays are here and there are many changes on the horizon for Diane Von Furstenberg. Earlier this week it was announced that her chief creative officer, designer Jonathan Saunders would be leaving DVF.

    Supposedly, the break was amicable and Saunders has told Von Furstenberg he would help with the transition. This is a very strange time to be leaving the company with February fashion week looming just around the corner. According to an interview with WWD, Von Furstenberg is focusing on the heritage of the brand.

     “This is a changing world and a disruptive world where you really have to be modern. As a family, we decided that we are willing to face that and follow that….First of all, Jonathan was here for 18 months and he was completely and totally free. He had a completely clear palette. And I am very happy that I made that decision because he has had an impact on many things and whatever he did, some of that heritage will last. I really want that. Now it is a matter of using his heritage and the heritage of the brand.”

    Saunders reportedly chose not to renew his contract. Over the last year, the Von Furstenberg family have taken a more active role in the company. In addition to that, there have been many inquiries by possible investors for the company. All of this change is coming at a very inopportune time. The end of the year is near and there are collections to be shown right around the corner.

    Although Saunders is leaving, the new successor is said to be announced soon. We hope that the new chief creative officer is more aligned with the Von Furstenberg heritage, and also brings their own flare to the staple brand.

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    Watch: DVF Fall 2017 Campaign

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    Jonathan saunders resigns from dvf

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    Купить Jonathan Saunders по низкой цене! Сезонные скидки! Большой выбор! Доставка!

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    He will leave an important and lasting heritage to the brand." According to Business of Fashion, tension between the two creatives was  #DVF. Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Saunders @saundersstudio Photographer: @oliverhadleepearch Art Direction: @jonnylu.

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    NEW YORK, United States — Jonathan Saunders has resigned as chief creative officer of DVF.  He will leave an important and lasting heritage to the brand,” said Diane Von Furstenberg.

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    Diane Von Furstenberg thanked Jonathan Saunders in a separate statement, paying homage to his work at the business. “I am so thankful for Jonathan’s beautiful work and the effort and dedication he has put into DVF in the last 18 months. He will leave an.

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    Джонатан Сандерс решил покинуть пост креативного директора Diane von Fürstenberg.  «Я так благодарна Джонатану за его прекрасную работу, усилия и преданность, которые он вложил в DVF.