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  • Breaking Bad - Walter White trying to kiss

  • Experiencing such awe during my recent trip, I’m reminded of where I come from, where I’ve been, and where I am now. My childhood was filled with abuse, heartache and chaos. Unfortunately, most of my adulthood has been the same (#MeToo ), but I’m no longer fighting to survive or force a smile: I am still, I am loving, I am allowing myself to feel pain, I am living (truly), and I am being vulnerable, letting people in and daring greatly! I thank God for using #Iceland  to remind me that there’s so much more good, beauty, and majesty in the world than what most of us see, read, and endure in our daily lives. And I’m grateful to be able to acknowledge how far I’ve come and how far I’m about to go! I look forward to inviting you into the special parts of my life, giving you a door to my soul and insight I’ve gained through my unique journey. #Vulnerability  #Trust  #DaringGreatly  #Courage  #Healing  #Resilience  #SelfLove  #SelfCare  #Newness  #HealingFromAbuse  #DiscoveringSelfWorth  #IamLight  #IamLove  #IamWorthy  #IamEnough 


    Breaking Bad - Walter White trying to kiss

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    Images by carmenserano. CARMEN SERANO(@carmenserano). Happy New Year! I can’t begin to articulate how #grateful I am for all that 2017 gave me.

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    Carmen Serano portrayed Alice Hernandez in the Runaways episodes Metamorphosis and Doomsday. Carmen Serano is the wife of Greg Serano. Carmen Serano on Wikipedia. Carmen Serano on IMDb. Carmen Serano on Instagram. Carmen Serano on Facebook.

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    View 17 Best carmen serano images images.  Carmen Serano Born Carmen. Source Abuse Report.

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